About us

Kids Media is an Australian-owned company that has been in operation for more than 20 years. We specialise in communicating with teachers and students throughout Australia.

Kids Media bridges the communication gap that often occurs between government/corporate sectors and the education community. We assist our clients to find cost-effective solutions for the promotion of education websites, projects and programs to educators of primary and middle-years students.

Complementing our education communication services is our very successful education website, 'FOR TEACHERS for students' (FTfs).

About us

Our services

Tap into Kids Media's extensive education communication expertise, together with our in-depth understanding of the Australian teaching environment across all states and territories.

Our education communication support services include:

  • reviewing and evaluating new and existing education projects, programs and websites
  • assisting with the promotion of education projects, programs and websites to the education community
  • assisting with the development of themed curriculum support resources
  • development of practical Teacher Guides for education websites.

We factor in to our communication services important considerations such as teacher culture, teacher priorities, classroom dynamics and education 'dos and don'ts'.

Our services

Our 'FOR TEACHERS for students' website

Now in it's 12th successful year, FTfs is a highly respected, well-visited website utilised by classroom teachers and home school educators throughout Australia. Teachers are not required to register to utilise the content, making it an attractive resource for the education community.

FTfs presents a unique opportunity for government and the corporate sector to be part of this valuable, cross-curricular education hub to expand their exposure to the education community across Australia.

There are a limited number of 'education supporter' and other promotional opportunities available.

FTfs content includes:

  • topic-based facts for students, units of work, lesson ideas and student activity sheets, plus extra resources such as short stories
  • interactive quizzes and games, photos and illustrations, videos etc.
  • themed, cross-curricular templates and masters, as well as fun activities to both extend student learning and for 'fast finishers'
  • web-links to Australian and international education websites, and more.

Contact us

For enquiries contact Helen on 0407 086 418 or email us via the Contact page on FTfs.

Visit FOR TEACHERS for students and follow us on Facebook.