Kids Media's comprehensive range of education services includes the development of education products that can be individually branded and tailored to incorporate client specific educational content.

For the classroom

  • Teaching resources and manuals
  • Teacher/student websites - from simple microsites to larger and more complex websites incorporating teacher registration databases, feedback forms, student forums etc.
  • Interactive whiteboard (IWB) resources including SMART Notebook files
  • Teacher guides for websites, interactives and programs
  • 'Themed curriculum support' resources, including:
    • curriculum appropriate lesson plans and activity ideas
    • student fact sheets
    • student activity sheets
  • IWB compatible multimedia leaning interactives
  • e-books (picture books, non-fiction information books and student activity books)

Promotion of education programs, websites and events to teachers and students

  • Kids Media's 'Education Promotion - Media and Contacts' list
  • Education packs, including classroom posters, teacher brochures etc. for both teachers and students
  • Direct mailing promotion (e.g. 'alert' postcards)
  • School competitions